How do you Approach the main topic of Exclusivity With Him?

Reader concern:

we came across he on Match per month in the past. I’m crazy about him. We had the chat and I also informed him I can’t date several folks while doing so, in which he explained he’s exactly the same way. Today a pal noticed him on another dating website, POF, and watched he spruced right up his profile following the weekend he met me. Demonstrably, he’s still looking around. We currently feel lied to but how would We address this subject with him?”

-Britt M. (Ca)

Expert’s Solution:


Before you decide to jump to results, let us supply the guy the benefit of the question. He may have spruced right up their profile before he actually got to understand you, nevertheless now they have deep feelings for you and he has not actually already been on POF in days. Did the guy update their profile once you had “the chat”? In that case, I would personally fret. Perhaps you are in love with the man but if you already feel lied to after only one month, i recommend you reduce your losings now, and find somebody who is sincere and genuinely retains your own same principles, not merely an individual who claims the guy resides by same ethical signal.

Trust is an essential part of any connection. Actions usually speak higher than words, and that guy’s activities is telling you he isn’t “The One.” If this answer simply doesn’t jive with you and you also want to provide him a chance, i might state go at this one head on. Ask him if he’s on various other dating sites to discover just what according to him. If he lies, get going, girl! If he says certainly, ask if he or she is upgrading their profile in order to satisfy other women. Ask him to describe their comprehension of your own talk to discover if he could be truly committed. Simply tell him you are not enthusiastic about internet dating him if he is seeing somebody else, and adhere by your phrase. Above all, don’t ever be happy with around the best — you are entitled to it.